How to achieve anything you want?

It’s not that easy without inner drive.

On our way to achieving goals there are always so many obstacles that we easily get discouraged and lack of self-confidence creeps in. A negative emotional state can really ruin your day. Prolonged stress, depression, or anger are clearly not conducive to high levels of performance.

If you use our app Goalist you can clearly see if you archive your goals or not and how much time you spent on them. It is very important to know where you are, but this is just one ingredient to the path to success. There is another one equally important and a lot depends on it. Do you know what it is?


You won’t get anywhere without it. We need tons of it, and the more we care about it the more we have it. And this is our fuel that will keep us going every day.

What can you do to boost your motivation and keep it high? What does work?

This might sound overly simplistic, but the best strategy we’ve found for staying motivated and positive is to maintain the daily habit of listening to motivational audio programs. We own quite a few of these programs, so we have hundreds of hours of audio at our disposal. Without the audiobooks and podcasts Goalist wouldn’t be created in a first place 😀 One of our favorite motivational speaker is Brian Tracy – time management and self-development guru.

While his programs are usually packed with great information and ideas, we find that the information itself isn’t what usually provides us with the greatest benefit. It’s the emotions that provide us with the biggest long-term payoff. We’ve listened to some of them dozens of times, so we’re not getting many new ideas out of them. But even though the information doesn’t change, the positive attitude behind the information reinvigorates us every time. We’ll often listen to these audio programs while exercising, driving or while doing other physical tasks like preparing meals or eating, so they don’t even take up any extra time.

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Anna & Adam

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