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Various flavors of Split

Today we’ll look at one of the fanciest options in the Day Plan view – the Split

It’s useful particularly if you like planning by:

1) first scheduling fixed time events and filling up the space between them with a “No plan” task
2) then filling in the “No plan” space with tasks

But it’s handy also in various other situations. For instance, if you want to go for a “Coffee break” in the middle of “Work” then you could:

1) Mark “Work” as done + shorten its duration (to end now)
2) Use “Add before” to add “Coffee break” to the top of the plan
3) Use “Add before” to add “Work” again under “Coffee break” + usually adjust its duration

Or instead you could use Split to do it in one operation. First, “Add before” doesn’t work (yet) when you have any “Fixed start” tasks following. Second, Split provides an additional benefit – none of the tasks that follow “Work” move after this operation.

See this video for details:

Video transcript

The Split option in Goalist is very handy as it can split a task into two or three tasks. And the total duration of the tasks after split stays the same as the original task’s duration. So none of the start times change after this operation. It makes it very useful when some other operations are blocked by Fixed Start tasks.

To use this option select a task, click: MORE > More options > Split


long-press a task and choose the scissors icon from the top toolbar.

Both the MENU option and the toolbar icon can be enabled, disabled or moved to the MAIN menu using settings in:

  • Settings > Day plan context menu options
  • and Modules > Select Multiple Tasks > Settings

When you click the Split option the system first asks you which task you want to add. Let’s choose “Reading”. And next the system asks you how much time it should give to the new task. So this is the duration of Reading: let’s give it 1 hour.

Then the system asks you where you want to place the new task. So we can read it: Place it before “No plan”. When I click OK, “Reading” appears before “No plan”,
it’s 1h long, and “No plan” is now 1 hour shorter.

Invoke Split again, choose “after”, OK – and you see another “Reading” is now added after “No plan”, and it’s again 1h shorter.

Split in the Middle

The last, most interesting option will place the new task somewhere inside the current one (as there’s a rounding to the nearest 5 minutes performed). In a simplest case it will be exactly in the middle.

Let’s put a 1 hour “Break” in the middle of “Reading”, click OK. Now the “Break” appears between two equal “Reading” blocks. And their total duration is still 5 hours.

Additional options for Split in the Middle

The most interesting case is available when you split the active task (that is: a task that’s at the top of the list), and its end time is ahead in the future.

When you split such task, you see additional options appear:

First: you can make the system insert the task not in the exact middle, but almost at about the current time. So if you tick “Set its start time to now” and untick the second option for now, and click OK, you see that it starts at about now. Not always exactly now, as the start time must be again rounded to the nearest 5 minutes.

And because of this splitting method the first “Reading” is not equal to the second one. That way the total duration was preserved.

Let’s do Split again to demonstrate the second checkbox. I tick “Mark the first one as done”, click OK. And you see that:

  • the task starts about now,
  • total duration is still 22h,
  • and the first “Reading” task was marked as done

Very special case

The last, very special case, is a way to split a task in a way that:

  • the current task ends now,
  • it is marked as done,
  • and the new task takes up all its remaining time slot

I make sure both bottom checkboxes are ticked, “In the middle” option is selected, and I move the duration slider to the very end. That way I will force the system to select the right start time and to fill up all the remaining space with the new task.

And you see that although I used the “In the middle” option, there are two tasks (not three), their total duration is still 22h, and the new task starts about now.

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