Goalist Training 6

Operations on Multiple Tasks

In this lesson we continue presenting features that help you work with your Day Plan.

Watch this video to learn what operations you can perform on more than one task at a time. And how you can fine-tune the menus and toolbars. And the behavior of options that they provide.

Video transcript

The “Select Multiple Tasks” module lets you select, and perform various operations, on more than one task at a time.

When you tap a task you can see various buttons appear at the top and the bottom of the screen. We call them the top and the bottom toolbar respectively.

Now when you long-press a task, or in other words: you touch and hold a task for two seconds, a different set of buttons appears.

After one task is long-pressed you enter a multi-selection mode. To add more tasks to the selection, just tap them shortly.

You can see that as the selection changes, also the available options change. For instance: now you can move this group of tasks down, and up (a continuous selection is made). But when the selection is not continuous this action wouldn’t make sense, so the arrows are hidden.

For the same reason the “Mark as done” button disappears when the selection is not continuous, and appears when it’s continuous. And it disappears again if the very first task is not included in the selection.

More options are available under the MORE button:

  • You can move all the selected tasks to another day
  • Fix the durations of all of them
  • Convert them into a Task Set
  • Or replace

In case of the “Replace” option there are two cases:

  1. First, if the selection is not continuous and we replace the selection with, let’s say, “Break” – we see that each one of the selected tasks was replaced separately with the “Break” task.
  2. Now if we replace a continuous selection with, let’s say, “Cycling” – the “Replace” option merges the entire selection, and then replaces it with one bigger “Cycling” task. Its duration is equal to the duration of the entire selection.

    Configuring the Module

    To enable or disable the module that controls the selection go to the “Modules” screen and use the switch next to the “Select Multiple Tasks” name. It has its own Settings. Here you can configure which options and buttons appear:

    • on the bottom toolbar when a single tasks is selected (scroll down to see other sections)
    • on the bottom toolbar when at least two tasks are selected
    • in the additional MORE menu that we saw on the bottom toolbar when several tasks are selected
    • and finally on the top toolbar

    Additionally you can choose whether some options, like “Remove” or “Mark done”, should ask for confirmation. If you happen to delete multiple tasks accidentally – you can untick this option and Goalist will always ask if you are sure that you want to delete tasks before deleting them. If you untick “No confirmation”, select multiple tasks and click the trash icon on the bottom toolbar a confirmation dialog appears.

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