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Grow your planning superpower

We hope your time tracking is going well and you managed to create your first afternoon plan. And we hope you see first positive results! The fact that you’re reading this is a proof for us that you’re taking things seriously so you just must succeed. It’s just a matter of time.

In this lesson we’re going to show you tools that make the planning process much easier and faster than adding each task one by one.

Whatever means of planning you choose however, please always devote at least a few minutes to analyze the previous day. Did you manage to keep to the plan?

If so – what can you do a bit more ambitiously? Is there a task you could simplify, automate or eliminate to free up some time for another task?

If you haven’t managed to keep to the plan – what went wrong? Maybe it was actually too ambitious? Start small, achieve a small success and build on it. Don’t burn out! The challenge should be just slightly above the skill level as Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes in the “Flow”.

Tools that speed up the planning process

Here’s a video that will show you several ways to speed up creating and scheduling tasks:

Video transcript

You know how to add tasks to your plan one by one using the Search feature on the Day Plan (click the Search&Add icon – magnifying glass in the top-right corner, type in a new task name, click “New task” or “New 5m task”).

Now I’ll show you how to add multiple tasks at once.

So first still from the Day Plan view you can create and schedule multiple tasks at once. For instance I start typing “Cycling”, click “New Task”. Now I’ll enter several task names and enter after each name (Cycling, enter, Swimming, enter, Crunches). Make sure you have this option ticked: “Create a separate task from each line of text”.

Let’s place it in Values & Goals > Healthy Body > I do sports. And change their default durations to 15 minutes. Now when I click OK the tasks are created and scheduled.

Let’s clear the plan using Menu > Clear list > OK.

Another way to schedule already existing tasks is to navigate to a Category (go to Fun & Recreation), manually select several tasks (select Facebook, Listening to music, Playing games) and click “Schedule 3 selected”. The selected tasks were added to your Day Plan.

It works exactly the same for valuable tasks when you navigate to a Value and Goal and select tasks from there.

Now let’s say you do these tasks every Sunday evening. If you have the Task Sets module turned on you can create a Task Set from them and then on Sundays schedule the entire Set with 1 click.

You can convert the entire plan into a task set clicking Menu > Convert into Task Set. Or you can convert only selected few (if you have the Select Multiple Tasks module turned on):

  • First make the selection – long-press one of them, then just click others you want included
  • click MORE on the bottom toolbar
  • click Convert into Task Set
  • type in the name of this set (type in: “Sunday relax”), click OK

You can see all the tasks you selected in the same order as on the Plan, same durations, etc.

Now go back to the Plan and clear the list. Click Search, start typing “Sunday” and you should see your task set in search suggestions. Tap it and all three tasks are scheduled at once.

The last option is to copy an entire plan from another day. Clear the list again. Press “Copy another day”, choose which one and all the tasks from it are copied to the current day.

Would you like to see more videos?

Please let us know how you like the video and what subjects would you like us to cover next. We value all suggestions and criticism. And we constantly improve the Training and the app based on them – so please write whatever comes to mind!

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2 Replies to “Goalist Training 4”

  1. Great video. I like the App on my phone but I really want to be able to do all this writing and organising on a big computer screen. All my favourite apps have a website and then feed the info to my phone. Any suggestions about how I can use my PC?

    1. Thank you!

      We don’t have a website yet. We would like to create it in the future, but I’m not sure when yet.

      An option is using TeamViewer. It allows you to use your PC’s keyboard and screen. The view is not full-screen, you see the phone in a window – but it’s still really useful.

      Updates on the web interface will most probably appear in the forum first, for instance in this post:
      Is there any web interface for using Goalist independently from devices?

      Another option that would partially adress this is integration with Toodledo:
      New Module: Task List Integration (Toodledo)
      but the module is still awaiting more votes.

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